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How to tell deadly funnel-webs from trapdoor and black house spiders



What do you think of when you hear the name “funnel-web spider”? Perhaps a spider that builds a funnel in its web?

On that count, then, you might think this web on a door frame is a funnel-web’s home.

Who lives here? Clue: appearances can be deceiving.(

ABC Science: Anna Salleh


But according to spider expert Helen Smith from the Australian Museum, funnel-webs are not likely to build on door frames.

Their webs also have a different design, with characteristic “trip lines” to alert the spider to passing prey.

The door frame web was, in fact, built by a black house spider, which doesn’t have the deadly venom of an Australian funnel-web.

Dr Smith says a lot of people think they have dangerous funnel-webs in their homes when they don’t and online…

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